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Get to know the Dallas Fan Meetups Ambassadors! This group will be putting together events, screenings, and more in your area.

Name: Lance Stanford

Bio: Raised, much like Clark Kent, on a farm in the middle of nowhere Lance Stanford has proudly been a nerd his whole life.  At a young age he discovered video games.  The increasingly manic button mashing would give way to an ever-growing love of digital worlds.  When not searching the next castle for a princess or freeing helpless animals from the grips of Dr. Robotnik he was exploring the wonderful world of comics.  The action, the capes, the crazy story lines would inspire him later in life.

After leveling up to adulthood (only in the loosest sense of the word) Lance would create “The Night Nerd” podcast. This daily look at various fandoms would offer people a chance to embrace their passions and talk about all the exciting things in their unique worlds. Creating worlds of his own Lance would start writing new series of comic books.  Titles that range from sci-fi to fantasy to horror they continue to offer people an escape.

When grounded in reality, in the real world, Lance lives on his farm with his wife and their two boys.  A small army of dogs act as his henchman and countless small boxes filled with comics form a fortress in their home.

Interests: Comics, podcast, Marvel, DC, gaming, TV, Hosting 

Name: Meagan Brooks

Bio: Hi, I'm Meagan! I'm personally most excited about Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Comic movies and TV shows. Those are the things that I follow the most. I am also into Dungeons and Dragons RPG and have recently gotten into comics. I also have an interest in Cosplay and am in the process of getting my own fan-based blog up and running to share my passions with others.

Interests: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comics, Cosplay, D&D, TV

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